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Our Partners

Why Industry Leaders Work With MarketMakers

Celeny and MarketMakers have been an incredible resource in our global expansion especially in Europe and Brazil/LatAm. Her network of decision makers and ability to create an impactful meeting roadshow truly accelerated our entry into Brazil. She’s thoughtfully helped organize events, curated speaking opportunities and referred talent.

Aniq Rahman

President at MOAT (Acquired by Oracle)

MarketMakers truly knows the power and importance of networking, and makes it look effortless. Celeny’s knowledge and passion for the space and different global markets (EU, US, Latin America) enables her to listen to a client’s problem and deliver solutions and results.


Mari Kim Novak

President, Stillwell Partners LLC
(creators of Advertising Week)

MarketMakers has been, and continues to be, an invaluable extension of our sales and marketing organization, opening the door to key marketplace decision makers in the US, EMEA & ASIA, and ensuring that we are maximizing our presence and time across industry events around the world.


Alex Gardner

CRO at Index Exchange